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3D Printing

24/10 8:00 | POSTED IN 3D Models, 3D Printing

On the importance of Precision and Resolution for Academics and Museology

How important is the resolution of your 3D scanner? While the industrial world obviously also requires great accuracy and resolution, this need becomes paramount when it comes to applications related to heritage preservation. Highly visual, detail-oriented and sometimes especially vulnerable to their environment, the artifacts art historians and archeologists...

26/09 8:00 | POSTED IN 3D Printing

3D Printed Architecture in Space: 3D Printing on the Moon

While it seems like we have only skimmed the surface of all the ways 3D printing could eventually transform our lives, it increasingly emerges as a truly out-of-this-world component. And bad pun intended, we are actually being literal here: the technology is unveiling itself as one of the most...

03/08 1:54 | POSTED IN 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Education, Manufacturing

Creaform Technologies… Take the Road!

Here is (another) way our 3D scanning technology is reaching people in ways we would have never thought of… As part of educational caravans, riding on the roads to reach people wherever they are. Our Go!SCAN 3D technology is currently included in two such projects: one in the US, and one...

29/06 9:00 | POSTED IN 3D Printing

Is the Building of the Future 3D-printed?

The United Arab Emirates just unveiled a fantastically promising technology project: the first fully 3D-printed office building on the planet. The futuristic and sleek looking space, deemed The Office of the Future, is a 2,600 square foot, single-story, multi-building campus that will host the offices of the Dubai Future Foundation. Its turnover was...

29/03 14:07 | POSTED IN 3D Printing

3D Printing: How the Diversification of Materials is Always Pushing the Limits

Think all 3D printers produce plastic parts? Well, (you know what’s coming…) think again! From 3D printing human tissue to metal, glass and even mashed potatoes, new materials seem to come up nearly every day! Here are a few that caught our attention lately.   Looks Good enough to Eat! The folks...

09/03 22:05 | POSTED IN 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Human Body

3D printing human tissue… coming soon to a hospital near you

One of the most surprising and promising applications of 3D scanning and 3D printing is happening as we speak, as far away as possible from engineering labs. Wait for it… Medical researchers are currently experimenting with the technology to 3D print  human tissue. 3D printing : Ears, bones, and muscles, made of...

27/10 17:11 | POSTED IN 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Human Body

The Creaform Health Care Partner 3D Scanner makes life easier for doctors and patients alike!

A recent article published on the 3DPrint.com opens a new window on the world of prosthetics… It highlights the work of Lizbeth Lopez, a biomedical engineer from Mexico City, who uses the Creaform Health Care Partner 3D scanner to create artificial legs for patients. For those of us lucky enough...

07/10 15:44 | POSTED IN 3D Printing, 3D Scanning

The World of Wearable Art… in 3D

The current revolution brought by 3D printing extends to the most surprising applications, even the ones as far removed as possible from the traditional “geek” sphere. One example: fashion! The seemingly ‘niche’ market of 3D printing in fashion is growing rapidly and presents a very refreshing and interesting counterpoint to...

30/10 9:59 | POSTED IN 3D Printing

3D Printing at the Heart of Democratization of Manufacturing Debate

The debate surrounding 3D printing and the democratization of manufacturing doesn't seem to be waning as Stratasys goes for the big kill with the largest firearms-makers across the United States. This comes in the wake of the major 3D printing company leaving Defense Distributed in the dust after alleging that it...

24/10 8:30 | POSTED IN 3D Printing

3D Printing Part of 2013’s Emerging Technologies to Hit Mainstream

The Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) has released its "Five Technology Trends to Watch" publication, unveiling a list that includes, among others, 3D printing as part of the emerging technologies that will hit mainstream in 2013. Apart from 3D printing, which is atop the roster, you have out there next-generation...