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3D Scanner used for Reconstruction of Scene of Accident

In the United Kingdom, North Yorkshire Police have procured a 3D scanner for the reconstruction of various scenes of accidents. This brand new purchase allows the police department to collect information on site that can be subsequently used in other cases. Not only is the 3D scanner effective in gathering working evidence readily from the scene of any accident but it is also an efficient time-saver. For instance, when two motorcycles as well as a car crashed, the 3D scanner worked its magic and allowed amassing precious data that would have probably taken hours and hours to put together, if at all retrieved.

Another strength of the 3D scanner resides in the fact that it is 100% objective in its data gathering process. The human intellect might sort out or even disregard a number of elements that could prove to be paramount in the reconstruction of the scene of an accident, which is why it is seen as a faithful ally in understanding what really happened from the point of view of all agents involved in the accident. A total of 26 such scanning devices have been ordered to date by North Yorkshire Police and training is an intricate part of the acquiring process. Furthermore, the 3D scanner can be used both during the day or night without affecting its accuracy and performance.

Who knows, maybe we’ll start resorting more and more to such scanning devices in the future as a means to save time and improve the efficiency of how we process the information found on the scene of an accident.

Source: The American Surveyor

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