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23/10 10:01 | POSTED IN 3D Scanning

3D Scanning Used for Lower Radiation Levels

The applications of 3D scanning are limitless and it has been discovered that it could be used towards lower radiation levels in breast examinations. Indeed, a team of physicists, mathematicians and radiologists came up with the idea of a computed tomography (CT) scan that uses 3D scanning in order to create an image of the breast. This, in turn, results in radiation levels up to 25 times lower than is the case with standard CT scans. Moreover, not only is it safer as far as breast tissue exposure is concerned but it yields higher and earlier detection rates. Not to mention that it allows examining both breasts at the same time, something that is still not possible today with standard CT scans.

Additionally, the 3D images of the CT scans were said to have a higher resolution, better contrast as well as enhanced quality. Consequently, it is obvious that 3D scanning will be preferred to the current technology. Although the concept is still being developed and assessed, it is most probably going to be a quantum leap in this area of expertise once it clears all of the related procedure to that end.

Source: Examiner


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