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Digital Preservation

31/05 19:17 | POSTED IN 3D Scanning, Digital Preservation

The Go!SCAN 3D: Official Scanner of the Scorpion Squad!

Are you familiar with the American hit TV show SCORPION? Airing Monday night on CBS since 2014, it draws an average of 13.6 million viewers per episode. Highly addictive to watch, the show features a team of computer experts who solve complex, global high-tech problems and threats. The show is additionally...

20/05 11:25 | POSTED IN 3D Scanning, Digital Preservation

The Scanner Go!SCAN 3D used to digitize a national archaeological discovery

Early in 2014, Creaform was contacted by representatives of the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications for a quite unusual task: scanning an ancient vase. The Native historical artifact, which was of high archeological interest, was a rare and serendipitous find.   The antique vase In late October of 2013, a recreational...

11/05 6:55 | POSTED IN 3D Scanning, Digital Preservation

Can the Go!SCAN 3D scanner help resolve the 200 year-old Oak Island mystery?

Presented above are screen captions from the History Channel series Curse of the Oak Island. It clearly shows a Creaform Go!SCAN 50 handheld 3D scanner used to digitize a mysterious petroglyph, or rock engraving.   The Curse of the Oak Island Oak Island is located just off the Atlantic Coast of...

01/11 9:37 | POSTED IN 3D CAD, Digital Preservation

Upcoming SPAR Europe Conference to Share the latest in 3D

The upcoming SPAR Europe Conference on End-to-End 3D is to be held between November 12 and 14, 2012 and is expected to unveil the latest advances and technologies in 3D capture, processing and delivery. All in all, a total of 55 lecturers from 17 countries will be speaking as...