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Go!SCAN 3D Test Drive

auto-scan-goscan3dAs our newest technology, we, application engineers in the Scan & Inspection department, are still getting to know the Go!SCAN 3D. And as with any new “toy”, we particularly like to test its limits.

We decided to try the Texture Mode and scan the entire passenger compartment of a Honda Civic 1995, no preparation involved at all.

No preparation at all. We opened the car door, and pulled the trigger. Literally.

And quite frankly, we got very impressed with our own scanner!

We managed to wrap it up in about 30 minutes, and use as little as 10 positioning targets (OK, we lied earlier with the “no prep” thing. We did take 30 seconds to put the targets on).


Potential applications of this

  • Design and manufacturing of tailored car mats
  • Modification of taxicab’s interior
  • Ergonomics studies
  • Retrofitting of roll cages

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3D Scanning - 2014-09-02
one more application could be a real 3d experience of the car interior for a potential buyer from the comfort of his study.

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