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Virtual Reality

18/05 15:53 | POSTED IN 3D Scanning, Human Body, Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality: Virtual Fitting Room for Retail Fashion

We all have to buy clothes eventually, but truth be told, not everyone likes having to try them on. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t actually have to? That’s the customer-end of the promise made by virtual fitting rooms with augmented reality, popping up in more and more...

28/04 15:38 | POSTED IN Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is at our doorstep!

Well probably not literally. But close! Virtual reality (VR) is no longer the sci-fi dream promised to many for decades, but never quite delivered. In fact, 2016 could even be the year of VR. CNN Money, among others, named it one of its only two biggest tech trends this year. ...

29/10 9:14 | POSTED IN Virtual Reality

“Thin Skinned” Virtual Reality Gloves at your Fingertips

The expression "thin skinned" may no longer only bear a negative connotation as this concept could become the foundation for creating a new generation of virtual reality gloves. That's right, a University of Illinois team of researchers have found a way to design and produce flexible circuits combined with strips...